Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Math Journals

Have you ever thought of using a math journal or interactive math notebook in your classroom?  One way to increase their thinking skills in the area of math is to ask them to reflect on the math lesson right in the math journal each day.

Here are some examples of how math journals can be used in the classroom.

Anchor Charts

What are they?  What are they used for?

Here is a link to many different examples of some anchor charts that you can use in the classroom.  It helps to define academic vocabulary in the content areas as well as provide them with some examples.
Multiplication Tricks

Here are some tricks to help learn those multiplication tricks.  Maybe this is the trick that will stick?

Area and Perimeter Ideas

Here are some different ways to find area and perimeter.

Area and Perimeter of names

Area and Perimeter Robots

Self Portraits  Students are given square inch paper tiles to create their self portrait.

Problem Solving Place Mats

Group work problem solving

Here is a link to a problem solving idea for group work.  Locate a high quality math task and laminate it.  By positioning the different problems around the sides of the paper, it allows for many students to work on the same problem.

The beginning

This is the beginning of the Math Committee blog.  We will be posting ideas, links to professional articles, and much more.

Please check back often. :)